Custom Computer Services

Unique Services

My team of 1 offers a very unique array of services to anyone that needs it in my local area. I have had many years of experience and work every day with computers. I have made some very successful businesses and currently am looking to make a name for myself in the 607 area. Our services are practically limitless and I am always willing to try out new things.


With my local location you no longer have to trust some strange unheard of website on the internet for your custom computer. My prices will also be cheaper because I am a local business and not some huge corporation that does not recognize each and every customer.

Gaming Rigs

I like to play graphicly intensive videogames. So, to keep up with newer games demands I build my own computers. You could spend $1,200 to get a "fancy" AlienWare computer, but you will be LOSING a LOT of money. Companies that sell pre-built computers are built by machines and they just up the price a lot and say its a gaming computer, but what you really don't know is what you are actually buying!